Social Media Security…

So there’s been a lot of Social Media security breaches in the news recently with some huge companies across the world involved.

For example…

From KitchenAid’s twitter mishap to HMV’s #XFactorFiring and then more recently to someone hacking into Burger King’s twitter account.

In this day and age, security for your company’s social media accounts are of the utmost importance.

This is where HootSuite come in… They have some fantastic Security Features.

Also, check out Ryan Holmes‘ article on HootSuite’s Security.


The AirBnB Story

Another great video to demonstrate the vast amount of features of HootSuite, from analytics and reporting to engagement and collaboration.

It’s great to see insights of other companies who use HootSuite and what they are saying about them. Establishing just how effective HootSuite is a social media tool for small to large companies.